Work Now, Play Later

July 10, 2008
Kennedy Vermilion

“I want kids in the future, but I don’t like them now,” Danielle Parker says. Her mother, a kindergarten teacher, came home with a horror story that changed Danielle's mind about kids and her priorities in life. One of her mother's ADHD students had stolen scissors from the teacher's desk and ran out to the lunch yard to stab the other kids. Whether the children are relatives or strangers, Danielle can hardly stand them.


An interview and a writing test determined whether Danielle Parker would be a part of Poly High School's newspaper staff. As the youngest member on the newspaper, The Spotlight, she writes entertainment reviews for the Diversions section. She critiques the things she enjoys the most like movies, books, restaurants and television shows. As a book worm and movie lover, this is not too difficult.

“My friends would probably say, ‘she’s a nerd. She likes reading,’” she guessed. Danielle's collection of about 300 books inspires her to write. Because of her passion for reading and writing, Danielle plans to pursue her dream of becoming an editor for a well-known publishing house. Her dedication to developing her writing skills and refusal to procrastinate has shown her newspaper crew her work ethic. These important qualities should help her progress throughout her career and keep her focused on “going for the gold.”

Did Danielle Parker’s mom bring home these kindergarten horror stories to keep her daughter’s focus on her career? If so, way to go Mom! After hearing about the dark side of children, Danielle has decided how she wants to prioritize her life. “Well, I want kids later, but not now. Definitely not,” she reassured. For now, she wants to work on improving her writing technique in order to achieve great things.

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