Woman Charged With Stealing Sweet N Low

July 23, 2007
Emily Villanueva

A San Diego woman was arrested today on charges of stealing packets of Sweet N’ Low from a local Irish pub.

Lisa Boulding, 32, is indicted on one count of felony larceny for allegedly pilfering Sweet N’ Low from Jorge’s Irish Pub on 4378 Idaho Street. If she is found guilty, she faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison or $75,000 fine.

The accused thief frequents Jorge’s Irish Pub two to three times a week. She never failed to pay for her waffles and scrambled eggs, but stole the sugar substitute for nearly seven months, said Jorge Baz, owner of Jorge’s Irish Pub.

“She didn’t even try to be discreet,” Baz said, when she supposedly pilfered the sugar substitute. When waiters weren’t looking, she would go to the coffee station and steal, he said. It got to the point where Baz had to send out employees to buy more during the day. The day Boulding was arrested, Baz watched her walk out with a purse and duffel bag full of a year’s supply of Sweet N’ Low. He confronted her, grabbed her arm, and backed her into a wall. The force of this accusation has even caused Boulding to file a restraining order against Baz while she awaits her trial.

Boulding’s response to the charges? “There’s nothing in the restaurant that says you can’t take these things,” Boulding said. “Why pay for it if it’s free?”

An arraignment will be held tomorrow morning at the Superior Court of San Diego, where Judge Lance Ito will be presiding. Helen Gamble will serve as the prosecuting attorney, and Elinor Willis will serve as the defense attorney.

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