Woman Arrested On Account Of Stealing Sweet N Low

July 23, 2007
Dan Darwish

Police arrested a San Diego woman for stealing more than $16,250 worth of Sweet N’ Low today.

Lisa Boulding ate at Jorge’s Irish Pub once or twice a week for the last six to seven months. Jorge Baz, owner of the bar, admitted that Boulding took $2,000 to $3,000 worth of Sweet N’ Low a month.

“She was just pretty much putting things in her bag,” said Baz with respect to Boulding and her alleged crime. “I mean, she wasn’t even being discrete.”

Boulding can at most serve a five-year prison sentence and pay a $75,000 fine. An arraignment Tuesday with Lance Ito as the judge will decide Boulding’s fate. Prosecuting attorney Helen Gamble will take into account the fact that Boulding has a clean record.

“I think a plea bargain would be appropriate,” said Gamble with respect to Boulding’s case.

Boulding remains convinced that she did nothing wrong. She argues that the sweetener was free and she was allowed to take it. But Baz views the matter in a different regard.

“Taking three to four envelopes is fine,” said Baz with respect to Boulding taking the sweetener, “but taking twenty-five to thirty envelopes is too much.”

Baz will sue Boulding whether she is found guilty or not. He knows that his bar on 4378 Idaho Street could have been jeopardized by Boulding’s behavior.

“She needs help, or therapy,” said Baz with respect to Boulding, “because this is not normal for a normal person.”

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