Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Sweet N Low

July 23, 2007
Marco Fernandez

A San Diego woman was arrested for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low from a local pub this morning. The accused, Lisa Boulding, is being charged on one count of felony larceny of Sweet N’ Low. Jorge Baz, the owner of the establishment, “Jorge’s Irish Pub,” is pressing charges and hopes to see the alleged thief in jail. If found guilty, Ms. Boulding could either face a five year prison sentence or a $75,000 fine.

Police were alerted at 9:27 am. When they arrived at the pub located on 4378 Idaho Street, Ms. Building was carrying 25 to 30 packets of Sweet N’ Low inside her purse and duffle bag. Mr. Baz claims that she frequented the pub two to three times a week. He has been accusing Ms. Boulding of stealing Sweet N’ Low for six to seven months. Mr. Baz explained that he would run out of Sweet N’ Low and would have to order his employees to go to 7-Eleven to purchase more packets. This situation proposed a problem for Mr. Baz since he couldn’t please the elders with diabetes.

“I called the police because I decided today that it was enough; she needed to be stopped,” said Mr. Baz.

Ms. Boulding is 32 years old and has been a puddle-petter for three years. She earns 15,000 a year, lives below what is considered the poverty line and never fails to pay for her breakfast at Jorge’s Irish Pub.

“I receive welfare and food stamps, but I rather buy other things at the store,” said Ms. Boulding when she was asked about why she might be guilty for the crime she is being accused of committing.

An arraignment will be held tomorrow morning. According to the prosecutor, Helen Gamble, a plea bargain is expected. Judge Lanceito will handle the case. Mr. Baz claims that whether or not Ms. Boulding is found guilty, he will sue her and demand the equivalent of the cost of a year of supplies in compensation.

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