Vitrelli Headstrong in San Diego Election for Mayor

July 14, 2008
Toni Lynn Iyoha

Vitrelli Headstrong in
San Diego Election for Mayor

District Attorney of six years and a member of San Diego’s City Council, Pete Vitrelli hopes to win the race for San Diego’s new mayor on November 2, 2008. Vitrelli is part of the Libertarian Party, unlike his opponent, Tonia Maria Anaya, who represents the Democratic Party.

Vitrelli will battle issues throughout the city of San Diego concerning education, transportation and the economy. Vitrelli holds firm libertarian ideals like small government is superior, and should be the only option. Vitrelli believes government should not have to deal with any problems concerning citizens well being other than police or fire department duties. Vitrelli believes that it is not the governments responsibility to take over dilemmas such as social security or mortgage irresponsibility caused by the people.

Privatizing seems to be Vitrelli’s main course of action. Whether it is transportation, education, or living conditions, Vitrelli believes that the government should have little to do with the way that the city is run. He says that people should be able to take care of themselves, without help from the government all the time. The government should never ever interfere, especially concerning businesses.

Another issue on Vitrelli’s agenda concerns the taxes in San Diego.

“If we want to be destination for business, our sales taxes must be incredibly low.”

Vitrelli wants to get rid of the many taxes, or lower them, so that the businesses in San Diego can flourish and so that he can get a better economy established within San Diego.

A solution for lowering the taxes is, according to Vitrelli, to privatize public services. For example, public education would cease to exist, and the education system would be based solely on charter schools, home schooling and private schools. This would eliminate taxes that citizens pay for the public education system which is a primary complaint of Vitrelli.

Public transportation is also on the list of things to cease if Vitrelli wins office because he believes that it too, is not good for the city. Privatizing freeways and highways, with tollbooths to regulate the traffic congestion and so that the businesses will do well. Vitrelli says that he does not “necessarily agree with the expansion of transportation” because he believes that privatizing the now public transportation will prove more efficient results in the long run.

Vitrelli has his strong ideals supporting himself and the Libertarian party and is going headstrong into this race and believes that he will win because he believes that he truly has the upper hand in this race.

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