UCSD Graduate Student Gets Lucky

July 17, 2008
Toni Lynn Iyoha

UCSD Graduate Student Gets Lucky

Flannery O’Connor, a graduate student from UCSD, won $75 million in the California Super Lotto, on July 11, 2008. Appproximately $50,000 were taken out because of taxes. The lucky numbers all had special connections to Flannery’s life, 03 and 07 are her favorite numbers, 17 and 25 are each a day of her parents birthdays and 57 is her mothers current age. The aspiring musician recieved her bachelor’s degree fro Indiana University in Blooomington, Ind. and plans oto move back there in order to start an all-girls rock camp.

“I always played with all the boys, I was the only girl” says O’Connor about playing rock music.

Flannery wants to continue the new trend of girls only rock camps opening up across the world, in places like Sweden, Brazil and across America. O’Connor believes that there will be strong support in her hometown, Bloomington, for the camp because there is a vibrant music community and that it will be quite successful.
At 28 years old, she plans to finish her course work at UCSD as well as maintaining her job as a teaching assistant at UCSD’s communication department for the summer, despite her newfound wealth.

Her brother, an avid gambler, purchased the lottery ticket for her on a whim, during a trip to a 7-11 in Del Mar, Calif. In response to a comment about her buying them in the past she says, “never, ever even thought about buying a ticket, I may of bought one in my life.” O’Connor believed that the lotto was “so insignificant” and was shocked when she won.

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