Toni Lynn Iyoha

Fun Facts:

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

School: John Marshall High School Barristers

Favorite Things: Christine, Grilled Cheese, Oreos, Wheat Thins, Mêlée, Colbie Callait, Rocket Summer, Regina Spektor, Rainbow, Stargirl, The Shining, East of Eden, DreamGirls, Charmed, Softball

About Toni Lynn

My name is Toni Lynn Iyoha! I'm a twin and I love my sister more than anything. I miss her tons while I'm here! I'm half black and half white but 100%______. I'm from California and I live with my father in Los Feliz Hills. I'm about to be a senior at John Marshall High, and quite excited to start in the fall as well as begin applications. My dream schools are UC Berkeley and NYU. I'm very creative and energetic, though I can be painfully shy. I'm really excited for the Academic Connections experience that I've begun.

Hometown Newspaper:
Los Angeles Times

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