The Sweet N Low Feud

July 23, 2007
Sara Furuno

A San Diego woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low packets from a local Irish pub.
Jorge Baz, 36, owner of the pub, notified the police at 9:27 in the morning and pressed charges against Lisa Boulding, 32, on one count of felony grand larceny for allegedly trying to take duffle bags full of the packets out of the shop.

The incident happened in Jorge’s Irish Pub, located at 4378 Idaho Street in San Diego. If convicted, Boulding may be facing a sentence of 5 years in prison and a $75,000 fine, said Helen Gamble, state prosecutor attorney.

“She broke the law and now she has to pay for it,” said Baz. “You can have as much as you want in your beverages, but it’s not to take home.”

Baz has been observing Boulding steal the packets for nearly 7 months. Baz admits she is a paying customer, but decided she had taken enough when the pub ran out of the artificial sweetener. Baz had to send workers to the nearest 7-Eleven to get some for other customers; even with the $2,000 they spend on the sweetener a month.

In defense, Boulding claimed that nobody told her to stop during earlier occurrences. There was nothing in the restaurant that said not to do it, Boulding said.

“He saw me do it before, and he didn’t say anything,” Boulding said. “Something can’t be the law one day and then change the next.”

Boulding, being a poodle-petter, lives below the poverty line and receives financial aid from the government. She says she uses the Sweet N’ Low packets to make “really good low-fat snacks.”

The arraignment for the case will take place in the Superior Court of San Diego Tuesday morning at 10:00 with Lance Ito as the judge.

“A plea bargain is possible,” said Gamble.

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