The Lotto

July 13, 2007
Firouzeh Baghchehsarai

Jon and Jodi Smythe won $8.75 million dollars in the Super Lotto of on Thursday. Jon decided to go to the local 7-eleven off Highway 52 in Santee the day before to buy a Pepsi, a Hostess cherry pie, and one super lotto ticket. The next day during “So You Think You’re Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, he discovered that he was the winner of the lottery. Jodi Smythe, was surprised considering that she didn’t even know of her husband’s purchasing of the ticket.

Jon and Jodi where two of a kind. At times, they could finish each other’s sentences. They appeared to love each other, “damn straight!” as Jodi would say, but at times, the love was questionable. Jodi wanted Jon to get more hobbies, and Jon wanted Jodi to have time to watch her Soap Operas. Even Jon said,” she’s my only bra.”

“ Lord done blessed us,” Jodi said. They were still in surprise as to how a one dollar ticket became such a large sum of money. Jodi wanted diamonds and a pet condo for her kitties, and Jon wanted to buy TVs for his mother. Jon quoted, “ My mama likes TV, so I’m gona get one for every room.” Living in the trailer park, where Mr. Smythe considered most desirable, they showed interest in buying one of the double wide trailers.

Questioning if the reason for a double wide trailer was to expand their family, Mrs. Smythe replied, “ This ain’t no baby on board dear!” Continuing on the subject, we asked if they thought that their family would treat them any differently, but Jodi merely responded, “ Well shoot, if they treat us differently… shoot… we can buy our friends now.”

In the past few years, Jon had already been through 44 jobs. Just recently he was laid off from the maintenance engineering office, where he picked up trash for the company. They agreed that Jon was “accustomed to being laid off”.

Then taxes were brought up, and they were informed that they would only get five million dollars. The couple was flustered.

In response to other possible career options, they considered beginning a Laundromat business. In addition, instead of buy one ticket a week, Jon will buy ten.

Jon wants to donate a portion of their money to the Red Cross. After all, the Red Cross was there for them when Jodi lit a cigarette and accidentally burnt the truck. Jodi, unhappy with this decision only wishes to give one dollar, but Jon objects.

When Jon began to explain his choice of numbers, he began saying that it was a kind of scientific paranoia. The first number he chose was three, being that he was three years old when his mother had left him. Naturally the second number that came in mind was four, the age he was when his father went to prison. Then 33, how many beers he had had in the past week, then 43, the number of beers he could drink after having won the lottery. Then 44, the number of jobs that he has had, and 45 being just a random number that he felt good about.

This lucky couple was one to win a one out of a million people lottery ticket. The only questions left are, where will their relationship go from there? Will the money and greed change them?

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