Sweet N Low Steal

July 23, 2007
RJ Yumang

A San Diego woman was arrested at 9 AM today for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low packets from a local pub.

The accuser, Jorge Baz, 36, owner of the local pub called Jorge’s Irish Pub at 4378 Idaho Street, said that the woman had been stuffing her bag full of Sweet N’ Low packets for the past 6 to 7 months. She was found with a purse and a duffle bag full of the artificial sweetener.

“She was pretty much putting stuff in her bag”, Baz said.

If convicted, Lisa Boulding, 32, faces a felony grand larceny charge with one count of Sweet N’ Low, 5 years in prison, and

$75,000 as her first alleged offense, said the prosecuting attorney, Helen Gamble.

Boulding said that she was a paying customer and has been for about 7 months, and that there was nothing strange about taking something if it is free.

“I take as much sugar as I need,” said Boulding. “There was no sign that said I couldn’t take sugar”, she said.

Boulding eats breakfast at the pub restaurant about two or three times a week and never forgets to pay for her eggs and waffles. When asked about the artificial sweetener, Baz commented on the excessive amount that Boulding takes.

“Three or four packages with coffee is fine,” says Baz. “But she takes 30 to 40, and that’s too much, she can’t do her grocery shopping here”.

When Baz confronted Boulding about the sweetener, she denied everything, even to the waiters and waitresses who served her. Baz was angry about the situation and allegedly placed his hand on Boulding’s arm while shouting and pushed her against the wall. Boulding asked for a restraining order towards Baz and was successful in getting it.

When having asked Baz about his restaurant business he said that his customers haven’t been coming in because of the lack of Sweet N’ Low supply. He also commented on Boulding’s actions.

“She broke the law, and she needs to pay for it”, said Baz.
he hearing will be held at 10 AM tomorrow at the Superior Court of San Diego with San Diego judge, Lance Ito.

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