Sweet N Low Snatcher Arrested

July 23, 2007
Rini Parekh

A San Diego woman was arrested for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low packets. The episode occurred in Jorge’s Irish Pub, located at 4378 Idaho Street. Jorge Baz, the owner of the local pub, notified the police at 9:27 in the morning. Police charged Lisa Boulding, 32, on one count of felony grand larceny.

If convicted, Boulding may serve a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $75,000 fine, said state prosecuter attorney Helen Gamble.

Baz, 36, said that Boulding has been pilfering the artificial sweetener for around seven months, several times a week. He admitted that she paid for her breakfast but added that the Sweet N’ Low packets she stole were worth $2000 - $3000.. Baz and his employees warned Boulding, but did not take legal action.

“Three or four packages for your coffee is fine,” Baz said. “But she takes like 30 to 40 every visit. That’s too much.”

Baz confronted Boulding today when his pub ran out of Sweet N’ Low. He lost his composure and pushed her into the wall. Boulding later received a restraining order from the judge. Baz was not charged with assault, said Gamble.

Boulding defended her actions. She said that there was no sign in the pub that restricted her from taking as many packets as she wanted. She also claimed that Baz did not take any action against her in the past.

“Something can’t be the law one day and be changed the next,” said Boulding.

Boulding, a poodle-petter by occupation, lived below the poverty line. She said she shoplifted the packets because they were too expensive for her to purchase at the grocery store. She also added that she prefers Sweet N’ Low to sugar and uses the artificial sweetener to make low fat snacks.

The arraignment will be held tomorrow morning at the Superior Court of San Diego. Judge Lance Ito will preside. A plea bargain is possible, said Gamble.

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