Sweet And Low Robbery

July 23, 2007
Sweet and Low Robbery

A San Diego woman was arrested today for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low from a local Irish pub. She is being charged on one count of felony larceny, said prosecuting attorney Helen Gamble. If convicted, the maximum punishment includes a $75,000 fine and 5 years in prison, added Gamble.

Lisa Boulding, 32-year old poodle petter, was found yesterday with a duffle bag and purse of Irish Pub’s Sweet N’ Low. A warrant for her arrest was issued this morning around 9:30am in search for the sugar. Boulding claimed the owner said to “take as much sugar as you need”.

Owner Jorge Baz pays $2,000-$3,000 a month for the pub’s Sweet N’ Low, and has lost an estimation of a one-year supply. Baz spotted Boulding taking the sugars many times within the past 7 months of her regular visits. It did not become a problem for Baz until he noticed a shortage in his supply. If Boulding is found not guilty, Baz is planning to work with prosecutors to keep her out of his restaurant.

The incident has impacted the Irish pub’s business. Customers ask for Sweet N’ Low, but the pub does not have any more, sad Baz. An arraignment is scheduled to occur tomorrow morning at the Superior Court of San Diego. Lance Ito will be the judge.

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