Sweet And Low Accusation

July 23, 2007
Firouzeh Baghchehsarai

For months Lisa Boulding, 32, has been stealing Sweet and Low sweetener from the local Jorge’s Irish Pub, owned by Jorge Baz, 36. Sunday she was caught with a purse and duffle bag with nothing but sweetener. She is accused of one count felony larceny, with a maximum of five years in prison and $75 thousand dollars if found guilty. It will be on Tuesday at 10am in the Superior Court of San Diego.

Working poodle peddler for three years, Lisa claims to be suffering financially, so she uses the Sweet and Low from the pub for low fat snacks. It is better than sugar she says.

Unfortunately, the sweetener costs the pub a sum money. Spending two to three thousand dollars a month, they couldn’t afford the losses and had to put an end to it. She had taken a year’s amount of sweetener. The cops were called at 9:27am.

Lisa's strategy was to switch tables and take sugar from each table from each table. “Its kinda funny,” Jorge commented. Either way, she was given many warnings and hasn’t stopped, so the bar will no longer allow her in.

Now Lisa wants a restraining order against Jorge for grabbing her arm and screaming at her until she ran into the bar wall. At the same time, Jorge claims that he will sue her no matter the circumstances for she had stolen so much of his items.

That will be the courts decision tomorrow morning. Either way, Lisa plans on switching bars, which will benefit Jorge’s pub.

“I say not guilty,” Lisa said.

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