Students & Community Adjust to New Cultural Community Center

July 15, 2008
Toni Lynn Iyoha

Students and Community Adjust
to New Cultural Community Center

Upon arrival, a visitor can see the Cross-Cultural Center is filled with color and intimacy. With a brown wall filled with phrases like “building commUNITY from the ground up” in colorful fonts behind the front desk makes the center more welcoming and tranquil.

The Cross-Cultural Center has recently made the move into the Price Center, in the heart of UCSD’s campus. This is the third move for the CCC They’ve moved from the mail room on campus, which was the home for CCC members for 10 years, into a temporary location.

Some of the community groups that the C.C.C. associates or supports, include places like LGBT Resource Center CCC is open to provide space for students or staff to openly pray, study, lecture or assemble freely. This new location is good for such activities, because it is now a much larger space. It is much more visible and students can find it easily as well as Staff can easily hold lectures in one of the many conference rooms available for reservation.

The center has some concerns about how the location will affect the UCSD community because, now that they are located within the Price Center, the hours of the Center will now be regulated, they can no longer use the hours as they did prior to the move.

“We used to be open almost all night, almost 24 hours” says director of education and staff member of 12 years, Nancy Magpusao.

Though the center still has some work to be done to make it feel more humble, the doors will offically open during the 2008 fall quarter.

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