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Today's Headlines: July 25, 2008

A Pre-College Experience? by Brittany Armellino
The International Learning Destination by Sydney Bessler
Changing to Fit Students' Needs Melissa Frank
Crossing State Lines for Academic Connections by Chloe' Frazier
A Three Week Love Story by Toni Lynn Iyoha
Turkish Students explore Cultural and Academic Changes at UCSD by Hailey Paquette
Not Just the Pain in Your Neck by Danielle Parker
Academic Connections Helps Change Reality by Kennedy Vermilion
A Binding Force by Devin Weil

July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

sydneybday sydneycandles

July 23, 2008

Photo Editorials


Yazdani Strikes Again!


Diversity Flocks to the Price Center


Price Center Attracts an Array of Vistors

July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Kennedy!


July 18, 2008

Circle of Journalists

Triton Times reporters take a well-deserved break in a UCSD media center studio.

From Top Left Corner: Toni Lynn Iyoha, Devin Weil, Sydney Bessler, Kennedy Vermilion, Erin Malone (Instructor), Laurel Friedman (Instructor), Hailey Paquette, Melissa Frank, Danielle Parker, Chloé Frazier, and Brittany Armellino.

July 17, 2008


UCSD Student Wins Super Lotto
Grad Student wins huge prize from California Super Lottery
Rock & Roller Wins Lotto
Graduate Student Becomes Multimillionaire Overnight
UCSD Graduate Student Gets Lucky
A UCSD Graduate Student Wins the Jackpot
UCSD Graduate Student Strikes It Big in California Lotto
Pacific Beach Woman Wins Super Lottery Jackpot
Rock & Roller Plays Right Into $75 Million Lotto

July 16, 2008

Jean-Yvette Gautier’s Alleged Shoplifting Attempt by BrittanyArmellino
Gautier Shoplifts Pricey Merchandise by Devin Weil
Jean-Yvette Gautier Accused of Shoplifting by Danielle Parker
Gautier involved in alleged shop lifting case by Sydney Bessler
Gautier Faces Grand Larceny Charges by Toni Lynn Iyoha
Gautier, Actress, Accused of Grand Larceny by Melissa Frank
Alleged Theft worth $3000 by Academy Award Winner by Hailey Paquette
Charges Pressed Against Jean-Yvette Gautier by Kennedy Vermilion
Gautier Main Character Of $3,000 Theft Rumor by Chloé Frazier

Today's Headlines: July 15, 2008

Despite Change, A Home Remains
Cultures Crossing on New Paths
“Cross-Cultural Center on the Map”
A Home Away From Home In The Price Center
New Move to New Beginnings
Students & Community Adjust to New Cultural Community Center
Cross Cultural Center Moves To New Home
New Cultural Center Working on Family Feeling
Crossing Cultures at Any Location

Today's Headlines: July 14, 2008

Pete Vitrelli Runs for a Solution
Libertarian, Pete Vitrelli, Announces Candidacy for San Dieg
“Libertarian Running for San Diego Mayor”
Candidate Pete Vitrelli runs for San Diego Mayor
Libertarian Candidate Runs for San Diego Mayor
Vitrelli Headstrong in San Diego Election for Mayor
Mayor Candidate Reveals All
Libertarian Candidate Runs for San Diego, Calif. Mayor

Today's Headlines: July 10, 2008

From Orange To Blue
High School Student Faces Censorship
Inspiration from Love
In The Face Of Hardship
Her Courage Leads to Her Future
New York Teen Working Toward ABC
Road to Sucess
Smooth Transitions
Work Now, Play Later


Academic Connections begins at UCSD

July 6, 2008

This summer, UCSD Extension welcomes 315 students entering grades 10-12 with a GPA of 3.3 or better to the Academic Connections experience. The pre-college program draws an ethnically and economically diverse mix of students who share a passion for learning. "They are all super-achievers. I’ve never had anyone do less than excellent work in my Academic Connections classes," says Hellen Lee-Keller, assistant professor of multi-ethnic literatures at California State University, Sacramento, who has taught "Introduction to Critical Thinking and Research through Pop Culture" for five summers.

For high-achieving high schoolers, Academic Connections is a reassuring window to the future. The residential summer program "demystifies the university experience—and makes it less intimidating," says Edward Abeyta, director of UCSD Extension student services. "College is about grappling with new ideas and learning to apply them. Students come away from Academic Connections with new ways of approaching the world." Most students will live on campus, although some may prefer to commute to the threeweek program running from July 8 to July 28. Class enrollment is limited to 22 and all classes with 10 or more students have a teaching assistant.

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