Southern Californian Couple Wins 8.75 Million

July 13, 2007
By Nettra Pan

Jon and Jodi Smythe won $8.75 million dollars in the California State Lottery Thursday after buying the SuperLotto ticket from the 7-Eleven store off Highway 52.

The long-time residents of Santee were in high spirits Friday, as they planned what they would do with their jackpot. After taxes, the couple will net about $5 million. “I want a TV in every room,” Mr. Smythe said, looking to his wife for approval. He also wanted a subscription to TV Guide, stating, “I’ve never had that before.” Mrs. Smythe spoke of buying diamonds investment in a coin-operated Laundromat, and mangosteens, an exotic fruit from South-east Asia rich with anti-oxidants. But she also said, “If I just get my kitty condo, I’ll be happy.” The couple wishes to upgrade their home to a doublewide trailer, as well.

Mrs. Smythe said their new wealth would not affect the way that they acted towards their neighbors and old friends. When asked how she would deal with community members acting differently towards them, she replied, “We can buy our friends, now!” She plans to spread the wealth, and Mr. Smythe claimed a substantial amount would be donated to the Red Cross in return for the help they received several years ago, when the couple lost their home. The accident was caused by a burning cigarette. “It used to be my momma’s trailer,” Mr. Smythe reminisced, still not over his loss.

The couple is extremely grateful. “God gone done blessed us,” Mrs. Smythe said. Her husband has been out of work often, lately, and he has held 44 jobs so far in his career. In his explanation of how he chose the winning lottery number Mr. Smythe also revealed that his mother left his family when he was three years old, and his father went to jail when he was four.

The couple plans to confer with Mr. Smythe’s cousin, about further investment plans.

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