She Can T Get No Satisfaction

July 23, 2007
LeVincent Truong

A San Diego woman was arrested today for allegedly stealing two to three thousand dollars worth of Sweet N’ Low from Jorge’s Irish Pub on 4378 Idaho Street in San Diego. She is charged on the count of felony-larceny and could face five years in prison or fined $75 thousand dollars, says prosecuting attorney Helen Gamble. A plea bargain is possible.

Lisa Boulding, 32, was accused of stealing Sweet N’ Low from the pub every week, says pub owner Jorge Baz, 36. Boulding, a poodle-petter on Welfare with an income of 15 thousand says she cannot afford to buy Sweet N’ Low with the Food Stamps she receives. Baz acknowledges that she is a paying customer but was fed up when Boulding took too packs, forcing him to go to the 7- Eleven across the street to purchase more for his customers. “ Sweet N’ Low is great with everything because it’s fat free, but I cant afford to pay for it with my money because I rather buy something else,” said Boulding.

“ She comes in every week, once or twice a week, sometimes everyday and creatively takes the packs from the coffee tables,” said Baz. She takes not only one or two but 25 at a time, he said. “I’ve seen her do it for seven months now and I’ve had enough of it; next thing you know it’s other supplies in the pub,” said Baz.

Boulding and her attorney Elinor Willis will have until the arraignment to plea guilty or innocent. Baz has agreed to a plea bargain, with one year supply of Sweet N’ Low be repaid to him.

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