Santee Couple Wins Super Lotto

July 13, 2007
Lee Schellenberger

Jon and Jodi Smythe of Santee won 8.75 million dollars in the California State Lottery Wednesday. The winning lottery ticket, purchased at the local 7-Eleven, came at the perfect time for the recently unemployed maintenance engineer for QUALCOMM in San Diego, Mr. Smythe said. After a busy 43-job career, Jon, 37, and his wife Jodi, 28, are ready to relax and start investing in business, charity, and various luxuries.

After taxes the couple will be left with 5 million dollars, much to their disappointment. “We gotta pay taxes?” the couple asked. But they still have many plans for the remaining winnings.
They plan to purchase some diamonds, a “Kitty Condo” and TVs for every room of their brand new, doublewide trailer, Mrs. Smythe said. “When I’m sittin’ on the toilet I wanna watch that TV.” The couple enjoys educational TV programs such as Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, they said, and look forward to having television available in all the different areas of their home.
Mrs. Smythe’s idea for a Kitty Condo is to manage condominiums for pets. Her affection for her cats lead to this idea. Her second business plan is to buy and run a Laundromat. But these plans are just the beginning of their expected contributions to the community.

The couple also plans to donate money to the Red Cross, in return for Jon’s rescue from a fire that was started by a cigarette in his mother’s truck. Mrs. Smythe made a side comment to her husband and the two briefly bickered about the cause of the fire. “When are you gonna let that go?” she asked him. They haven’t decided on an exact donation, but Mr. Smythe says it’ll be a generous sum. “I was thinkin’ a dollar,” Mrs. Smythe whispered to her husband, “They can do a lot with a dollar.”

This contribution to emergency healthcare was inspired by the Smythe’s religion. They credit their win to God, and feel obligated to give back to others, the couple said. They are members in their local “Holy Roller” church. Mrs. Smythe described dancing with snakes in a typical church service. “The lord just blessed us,” she said about winning the lottery, “That snake bite was worth it.”

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