Santee Couple Wins Lotto

July 13, 2007
Levincent Truong

A Santee couple won $8.75 million in the California Super Lotto on Thursday.

Jon and Jodi Smythe won after Mr. Smythe purchased the ticket on Wednesday from the 7-Eleven off of Highway 52 in Santee.

Jon Smythe, 37, was fired the same day he bought his Super Lotto, after being laid off from Qualcomm as a maintenance engineer. Jon believed that he would soon be hunting down his 44th job, but luck blew in his direction.

“ I went to the 7-Eleven off of highway 52 to celebrate me being fired, so I bought a Pepsi, Hostess cherry cake, and a Super Lotto ticket, only because it was Wednesday and they didn’t got no Mega Millions,” Jon said.

His wife Jodi, 28, was home with him when they matched their winning lotto numbers with the ones on TV. The couple immediately claimed their winnings on Thursday. After taxes, the couple expects to net about $5 million.

In a press conference today, the Smythes said they would donate a portion of their winnings to Red Cross for helping them, when a truck they owned caught on fire. The Smythes plan to continue living in their trailer park but in a doublewide trailer, plastered with televisions on every wall of the house.

“ I wanna get a TV on every wall, including the bathroom cause that’s where my mama wants it,” says Jodi. “ I wanna give my mama diamonds, a condo for my cats, a coin-operated washing machines, and invest in Mango tines,” Jodi said.

Childrenless, they Smythes have an excess amount of money to invest in Mangontines and a coin-operated Laundromat.

“ Oh yeah, we were going to invest in those anti-oxidant drink called Mangotines,” said Jodi. “ We was gonna invest in ads for the coin-op Laundromat, too,” said Jon.

When asked how Jon came up with the numbers for his winning lotto ticket, he said he chose 3 and 4 because those were the ages when his mother and father left his house and never came back. He chose 33, for the amount of beers he drank; 43 for how many he was going to drink after he won; 44 for the number of jobs he had, and 45
just to pick a random number. The winning numbers were 3-4-33-43-44-45.

“Lord done blessed us,” Jodi said.

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