San Diego Woman Arrested On Charges Of Stealing From Local Pub

July 23, 2007
Rebecca Huberman

A San Diego woman was arrested this morning on one count of felony-larceny for allegedly stealing packets of Sweet N’ Low from a local Irish pub.

If convicted, Lisa Boulding, 32, could be sentenced to maximum five years in prison along with a $75,000 fine, said prosecuting attorney Helen Gamble.

The arrest happened at Jorge’s Irish Pub located at 4378 Idaho St. in San Diego. For the past seven months Boulding has allegedly been stealing Sweet N’ Low packets, said owner Jorge Baz, 36.

Boulding eats breakfast at the pub two or three times a weeks, said Baz. He said that she does pay for the food she orders but takes all the Sweet N’ Low packets. He became fed up when employees had to run to the nearest 7-Eleven to replace the Sweet N’ Low packets for other customers. He called the police and when they arrived, Boulding was found with a purse and duffel bag full of the artificial sweetener.

Boulding will be arraigned tomorrow morning at the Superior Court of San Diego. Judge Lance Ito will preside, said Gamble. She and her attorney, Elinor Willis, have not decided on a plea yet.

Baz said that he has lost a year’s supply of Sweet N’ Low and it costs $2-3,000 per month to stock.

Boulding claims Baz had told her she could take Sweet N’ Low packets.

“Three or four packets is fine,” said Baz in response. “But she takes 30 or 40.”
“Sweet N’ Low is useful to have but expensive to buy,” said Boulding, who works as a poodle petter and lives below the poverty line. “Why not get Sweet N’ Low there if its free?”

Baz said that he will probably not allow Boulding to eat in the pub anymore. He will sue her if she is found innocent.

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