San Diego Woman Arrested For Sweet N Low Theft

July 23, 2007
Lee Schellenberger

A San Diego woman was arrested this morning for allegedly stealing Sweet N’ Low from a local Irish pub.

Lisa Boulding, 32, was charged with one count of felony larceny. If Boulding is found guilty, the maximum sentence is five years in prison and a fine of $75,000, said prosecuting attorney, Helen Gamble. The fine would put the defendant in a predicament, considering her $15,000-per-year income. A plea bargain would be appropriate, Gamble added.

Jorge Baz, owner of Jorge’s Irish Pub at 4378 Idaho St., called the police at 9:27 am. Boulding was found with a purse and a duffel bag full of Sweet N’ Low packets. The police suggested a negotiation on the scene, but Baz refused.

Boulding, a poodle-petter, eats breakfast at Jorge’s Irish Pub several times a week. She said she enjoys putting Sweet N’ Low on low-calorie foods. Baz argued that she takes more than a few packets for her breakfast.

Baz claimed that Boulding has stolen a year’s supply of Sweet N’ Low in the past seven months. The sweetener shortage has cost the business $2-3,000, Baz said. He confronted her, but Boulding denied taking anything, Baz said. He overlooked Boulding’s supposed filching before, but this morning she reached the limit, he added.

Boulding plans to issue a restraining order to Baz for allegedly forcing her against a wall and yelling accusations at her.

Boulding hasn’t decided on a plea yet, said defense attorney, Elinor Willis. The arraignment will be held tomorrow at 10am in the Superior Court of San Diego, with Superior Court Judge Lance Ito presiding.

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