San Diegan Lady Arrested For Stealing Sweet N Low

July 23, 2007
Nettra Pan

A San Diego resident was arrested today for allegedly stealing a local Irish pub’s supply of the artificial sweetener Sweet N’ Low.
Jorge Baz, 36, owner of the Jorge Irish Pub on 4378 Idaho Street, pressed charges against Lisa Boulding, 23, for one count of felony larceny of the artificial sweetener. According to Baz, Boulding eats breakfast at his pub two or three times a week, and, over the course of six or seven months, has taken one year’s supply of Sweet N’ Low packets with her.

“They make really good low fat snacks,” the accused said, “It’s just a useful thing to have that is expensive to buy.”
This is her first alleged offense.

The arraignment will begin tomorrow at 10 in the morning and will be presided by Judge Lance Ito. Boulding’s attorney, Elinor Willis, said Boulding’s plea was not yet decided.

“I say it’s not guilty,” the accused said, “They always say take as much as you need.” If found guilty, Boulding must face a maximum of 5 years in prison along with a fine of $75,000.

The arrest warrant was issued at 9 in the morning, today. Helen Gamble, San Diego prosecuting attorney, said Boulding was found leaving the pub with a purse and dufflebag stuffed with Sweet N’ Low packets. Police attempted to resolve the conflict without pressing charges, but Baz insisted. Boulder is now contemplating on filing a restraining order against Baz for “throwing her against the wall,” said Gamble. Gamble then retracted her statement, saying that her client did not physically assault Boulding.

“I was a little bit upset,” Baz said, “They were trying to negotiate something that isn’t negotiable.” Baz claims the sweetener makes up the bulk of his pub’s expenses, at $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

When asked why she stole the packets of Sweet N’ Low, Boulding replied, “’Cause I like it more than sugar.”

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