Road to Sucess

July 10,2008
Chloe` Frazier

Dreaming of the vision to become a princess and a ballerina, Sydney Bessler took the scenic route into life. Born on July 24, 1992 in Anaheim, Calif. and raised in Corona, Calif. with her mom, dad and little sister Phoebe. "I like Corona because it's in the center of California," said Sydney.

Even though Sydney had not received her tiara in the mail, she continued with her dream of becoming a ballerina. After six years in ballet, her instructors asked her to join the Boston ballet. She turned down the offer. Instead of moving and starting over, Sydney choose a different path. She wanted a normal life in a normal school.

With inspirations such as Mother Teresa, her parents and Princess Diana, Sydney choose to follow in their footsteps. Her mom started to take her traveling. Now Sydney is involved in helping homeless shelters, goes on mission trips, is a peer counselor, and enjoys journalism and traveling. "I took a trip to Nicaragua to build houses and help in hospitals," said Sydney.

Since Sydney is unable to travel to help everyone, she does her part in her hometown. Peer counseling helps Sydney to give advice to those in need. Joining the Future Business Leaders of America gave her the confidence to become a public speaker for broadcast journalism.

After being invited to five summer programs, Sydney choose Academic Connections to study journalism. "I want to leave a good impression and help strengthen my writing," said Sydney. It is another step in her plan to become a broadcast journalist. "I want to link different cultures together through journalism," said Sydney. Traveling around the world helps Sydney to achieve her goal. With an interest in journalism and traveling in mind, Sydney is ready for breaking news on CNN.

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