Motivation: The key to achieve

July 11, 2007
Duceani "Duce" Davila

Growing up in a family with a diverse background was the beginning of a journey that inspired 17-year-old Rebecca Huberman to try new things that would lead her to the path where she is now. Huberman was born in Woodland Hills, Calif. to Ruth & Murry Huberman on June 4th 1990. Making her the youngest out of her older sisters, Michal, 37, and Sara, 26.

When you first take a look at this 16-year-old individual, you might just see a light skinned girl with beautiful blue eyes and wavy long hair. But other than the outside, there is more on the inside that one could see. Ever since she was in pre-school, Huberman remembers going to Temple and learning the many teachings of the Jewish Religion. Her father, Mr. Murry Huberman married her mother, Ruth in 1978 and decided to start a family in California. Mr. Huberman’s mother, Nina, lived during the time of the Holocaust which motivated Huberman to do well in her AP Euro class as well as her grandfather, Hymie, who fought in World War II.

Huberman understands the struggle that her family had to go through therefore she tries her best to excel fields that might seem hard to her. Overall in school Huberman is able to obtain a 3.8 GPA classes such as journalism aid to become a better writer. “I became motivated when I joined my school newspaper because my teacher really encouraged me” exclaimed Huberman. If there was one word that described this excellent student is, Inspiration. Rebecca Huberman has been inspired all her life from her family to her friends now.

Hanging out with friends on a Saturday night or going for a ride is a typical routine in the life of Huberman. Blasting her Honda Civic’s stereo to Incubus or Imogen Heap, she manages to have a good time along with her friends. Friends are an important element to the life of Rebecca. This includes her best friends, Monica Morariu and Sivan Salem. Huberman met Monica in a Journalism Convention 3 months ago and Sivan 7 months ago at a local volunteer program. Huberman refers to Morariu as the “up for anything” type of friend and Salem as a friend she can rely on. Huberman also enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering to be teacher to the younger kids in at her Synagogue. Some activities she helps accomplish are sleepovers and fun trips to places such as the park. Rebecca has been incredibly involved in helping out her community since the 8th grade. This has motivated her to make a difference in someone life even if its just one bit.

Aspiring to obtain a major in communications, Huberman hopes of attaining a job as a Journalist or in Public Relations. Her sister Sara, now attending Medical School in Virginia, is her main motivation into becoming someone in life and making her parent’s sacrifices worthwhile. Rebecca is currently attending Academic Connections to help her reach her goal of becoming a journalist.

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