How to get your photos onto the wiki

  1. Upload your pictures to your computer. Save to desktop (If you have your card use that, if not Erin has a card reader)
  2. Log into wiki and create a page using the headline you created for your photo story.
  3. Type something in the editing box and save.
  4. Upload the five photos that you selected for your story, using the file button at the bottom of the wikipage you created. (Make sure you name each photo something easy to remember to distinguish between the photos)
  5. Use the image wizard to add a photo (5th button from the right in the second row of buttons in your editing panel)
  6. Add a caption underneath
  7. Continue the previous two steps until all five photos are uploaded.

Using the image wizard

  • select "attached image." This will show a list of all the images you upload to the page.
  • Select one of the images you uploaded
  • Select position (left, right center)
  • Select size=everyone should choose medium for uniformity.
  • Click "insert code". This will place the code into your editing box. When you save the image will show up on the page.
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