“ Pete Vitrelli: Libertarian Running for San Diego Mayor”

July 14,2008
Sydney Bessler

“Live and let live”, is the Libertarian way of life which Pete Vitrelli strongly upholds. Today he held a press conference at the UCSD campus to announce his candidacy for mayor of San Diego, Calif.

In his campaign to be mayor, Vitrelli stresses the essential libertarian value for everyone to have the freedom and liberty to do what they want to do with their lives. When talking about abortion and gay marriage and even whether you want to spay or neuter your pets, it is up to you in Vitrelli’s opinion. The only job of the government is to support their citizens’ freedom and maintain the rule of the law. Otherwise, the citizens should be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

With his experience in the city council and his focuses on the freedom of the individual, Vitrelli is very confident that he will be the next mayor of San Diego. According to Vitrelli, the libertarian policies he will implement as mayor will make San Diego a place to go for business and tourism. January 1, 2009 will be the mayor’s first day in office. The election on November 2,2008 will decide where San Diego’s future stands.

To acheive his goal of making San Diego a place to go for business and tourism, he plans to lower taxes and privatize all government-owned businesses except for city police and fire departments. This is a traditional libertarian way of thinking; in which he believes will help the citizens of San Diego “succeed and achieve all their goals,”.

Although his opponent Tonia Maria Anaya, Democrat, is focusing on collecting more money for the public school system, Vitrelli believes that private, charter, and even home schooling is more beneficial for the citizens of San Diego. With Vitrelli’s plan for education, there would not be a need for taxation for public school funding thus bringing him closer to making San Diego a destination fro business and tourism.

Vitrelli believes that any illegal immigrants should be deported and that border security should be increased.

In regards to the poor population of San Diego, Vitrelli says that the government is not responsible. Vitrelli says it is up to the poor to try and help themselves and be individuals in society. Similarly, Vitrelli stands against social security saying “it shows a lack of faith in the people, because the government thinks they can’t take care of themselves,”.

According to Vitrelli, individuals need to be accountable to themselves and not so much on the government. Local governments need to be more prominent in the lives of the people then the whole U.S. government is.

Vitrelli and his wife Sandra look forward to the upcoming election and hope for the best.

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