Pete Vitrelli Runs for a Solution

Devin Weil
Pete Vitrelli announced his intent to run for mayor of the city of San Diego, Monday, July 14, 2008 at UCSD. As a libertarian candidate, Vitrelli, pledges to limit the government’s action in public issues and instead allow private businesses to bring free market reforms to society.
Vitrelli strongly supports lowering taxes, the preservation of individual freedoms, and the privatizing of all public services. Commenting on his disengagement of the government’s control over society Vitrelli said, “There is no need for government involvement.” Vitrelli advocates small government involvement in San Diego for the growth of private businesses.
Indeed, one of Vitrelli’s main reasons for running is to rebuild San Diego as a “destination for business and tourism.” Vitrelli will attract small private businesses to San Diego and reach his solution to the government’s power over the community.
While Vitrelli will have to tackle numerous issues in his community, he has ample experience to bring them to a halt. Serving on city council, in the past, for 5 years and as a DA in San Diego for the past 4 years, Vitrelli believes, “People will vote for me based on my experience, character and my ideas.” Reiterating his plans for San Diego, Vitrelli emphasized his support for economic and personal freedoms. When confronted about the issues of abortion and gay marriage Vitrelli responded, “It is none of my business.” He believes the government should have no involvement in individual’s personal decisions.
Running up against democratic opponent Tonia Maria Anaya, Vitrelli believes he will have a more favorable answer to the problems in San Diego. Vitrelli said, “My opponent is throwing more money at the problem instead of creating a new solution.” Vitrelli affirms his position on restrained power of the government and the rise of free market reforms.
Through his libertarian philosophy, Vitrelli plans to address specific issues such as high taxes and heavy control of government through a rise in private businesses.

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