Online Networking Comes to An Online Arms Race

Iyoha, Toni Lynn
July 22, 2008

Online Networking Comes to An Online Arms Race

First, There Were Two


Both social networks, Facebook and Myspace, are used for interactions far and wide for anyone over 14. Though Myspace was made in 2002 and Facebook was made in 2004, they both compete to be the default internet society. Myspace started with no competition because Facebook was a college only networking website. The problem for Myspace came about when Facebook made a high school version in 2005, soon after it went public.

When Facebook went public, more people like myself, began making them. I enjoyed having two different social networks. Both the sites were different, Myspace had functions like the email usage and bulletins to their advantage, plus on Myspace you can edit your profile, unlike Facebook. On Facebook, i liked having multiple albums for photos, creative applications, fewer advertisements and being able to change my status for all my friends to see; both had the functioning advantages.

Facebook, The New Black


I personally believe that Facebook is now far better as far as functionality. Facebook is simpler, with a lot more to offer. With some of my favorite applications like, Graffitti, Mobile Facebook, Gifts and Bumper Stickers, it is a lot of fun in comparison to Myspace, which tries to incorporate all of these into its already jam packed webpage. Myspace keeps making itself more complicated, which is making Facebook even more convenient. The technology of Myspace looks almost obselete now because Facebook’s cleaner look, appears more modern than that of Myspace.
I believe that Facebook is a much better website for networking whether the user is young or old because the webpage will follow the times of development faster because of the simplicity.

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