New York Teen Working Toward ABC

July 10, 2008
Sydney Bessler

Shyly sitting in the interview chair sits Devin Weil wearing a tie-dye tank with cargo shorts and Havanna sandals, a normal teen with a goal of success.

Living in the small New York suburb of Rye, only thirty minutes away from the metropolis, makes sixteen-year-old junior Devin Weil familiar with the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. Her frequent trips to New York with her close friends have sparked her interest in the cosmopolitan lifestyle. “Since it’s a big city, there is a lot of competition, and I guess that makes me headstrong, because I work hard to succeed,” she says.

Having a close family of four has allowed Devin to easily travel. Since Devin was five years old, the Weils have been encouraging her independence and have made Devin interested in global current events. Her family encourages her to be who she is and do what she wants to do.

Her headstrong personality, makes her want a career to match and for her journalism fits perfectly. The fast paced career with constantly shifting news intrigues Devin. She wants to be a broadcast journalist where she will report the breaking news. “Breaking news is important because it directly affects the people watching,” she says. She is excited about having to prove herself everday and informing the people on the important events of the day.

To get a taste of her future career, Devin chose to participate in the Journalism Practicum at UCSD’s Academic Connections Program. There she wants to learn the basics of the business to later become the next Diana Williams of ABC’s Eyewitness News.

With encouragement from her family and her experiences around the world and in the big apple have given a great foundation to accomplich her goal. Watch out ABC here comes Devin Weil!

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