New Move to New Beginnings

Devin Weil
Walking into the Cross-Cultural Center, visitors are welcomed by a warm and comforting staff accepting of all sexual orientations, ethnicities and identities. However, while the staff is comfortable with the values of the CCC the new building is received as a foreign space. Compared to the old building the new building in the central location of the Price Center holds a fast- paced business atmosphere instead of a comforting relaxed one.
Moving into a new space often opens individuals to new circumstances and offers room for a fresh start. The staff remains determined to integrate their principles into the empty, open area, to create a more comforting space.
Changing the location of CCC caused a skewed reaction between the old and new students connected to the CCC. In a new atmosphere, the CCC plans to bring the close-knit community of the old building to the new, busy space in the Price Center.
Lounging in the library, Nancy Magpusao, in charge of the educational program at CCC said, “The new space is visible and attracts more people.” Due to its central location at the Price Center, the CCC is forced to abide by restricted hours, a clear restraining factor caused by their changing location.
The staff at the CCC still needs to consume its walls with creative, diverse artwork to bring their old comforting atmosphere to the new building. Nancy Mangusao said, “At the old building we had filled walls. Here they are empty…everywhere feels more administrative.”
Starting to fill the walls are quotes and words pertinent to the theme of diversity: a mandela of a man holding the globe in his hands and figurines decorated in unique ways. Gradually the new 6,500 square foot space will transform into a comforting home for both the new and old students and staff.

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