Moon Keeps the Love Strong

July 22, 2008
Sydney Bessler

Broken Mexican Family


Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) was directed and produced by Patricia Riggen and premiered in March of 2008. The penetrating film tells the story of a mother and son determined to reunite.

The story follows Carlitos (Adrian Alonso), a 9-year-old boy who lives in Mexico with his dying grandmother. Throughout the story, he is determined to see his mother, Rosario (Kate Del Castillo), in Los Angeles.

Crossing Over

Rosario is a single mom because the father decided to not be apart of Carlitos’ life. This put Rosario under a lot of pressure to make money to support her mother and son. She left for L.A. in search of a better life. When something unexpected happens at home, Carlitos is left with nowhere to go and the only comforting thought he has is that he and his mother look at the same moon every night. He decides to take the chance to cross the border and get to his mother.

L.A. Before Sunday

His goal is to get to her in L.A. before she tries to call him in Mexico on Sunday morning. He needs to find the specific telephone booth in East L.A. with no address. With the help of an unforeseen friend, Carlitos is able to overcome all the challenges he faces during the trek to L.A.

Happy Ending

This amazingly touching film will make you cry, laugh, and make you think twice about illegal immigrants. At the end you will be satisfied, but you will still be left with wanting more. Its the perfect movie to show the hardships of illegal immigrants and the miraculous bond between a mother and her only son.

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