Vitrelli Runs for San Diego Mayor

July 14, 2008
Danielle Parker

Pete Vitrelli held a press conference announcing his intent to run for San Diego mayor at UCSD Monday. The Libertarian candidate firmly stated his position promoting “smaller government, lower taxes.”

Vitrelli has had a lot of experience in politics. He served on San Diego’s City Council for five years and was the District Attorney for four more.

The election will take place on November 2nd 2008, and Vitrelli will be running against Democratic candidate Tonia Maria Anaya. The winner will take office on January 1st 2009.

Vitrelli said that, if elected, his first priority would be to lower taxes at all costs, which he believes will bring new business into San Diego.

His second course of action would be to try to privatize all public services, such as public transportation and roads. In response to the suggestion that the city’s poorer people may not be able to afford cars or tolls, Vitrelli has this to say about the San Diego Libertarian Party’s stance: “We don’t believe that poor people need to be taken care of.” He then offered bikes as a solution.

Vitrelli also has a strong stance on the immigration problem. He believes that illegal aliens should be deported if found and there should be heavier border security. When asked about any possible children these undocumented people might have, he said, “it’s not the government’s job to find a solution for the children.”

Another one of Vitrelli’s views is that the government is spending too much money on public education. He believes that the money could be spent on other venues. In fact, Vitrelli says that if elected, he disband the Department of Education altogether because he does not think that the government should be “involved in smaller issues.”

He also proposed changing all public schools to either private or charter schools. Then, after a pointed question from a reporter, the candidate said that the people who could not afford these schools could home school their children, which Vitrelli plans on doing with his own.

He also advocates finding alternative fuels and decreasing the United States’ dependence of foreign oil. Two other issues he supports are gay marriage and abortion.

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