Local Couple Wins The Lottery

July 13, 2007
Marco Fernandez

A couple from Santee, won $8.75 million dollars with a single super lotto ticket on Thursday. Mr. Smyhte purchased the winning ticket from a 7-Eleven off Highway 52 in Santee. After taxes, the couple will net about $5 million dollars.

Albert Brooks, a Public Information Representative from the California State Lottery, presented the check symbolizing the cash sum to the couple prior to the press conference held Friday morning. Apparently the first time the couple found out about the tax cut on their winnings was during the press conference itself. They were understandably stunned and disappointed simultaneously. Later, the couple also quarreled over whether to accept the prize in a single lump sum or to accept it in smaller monthly payments for the following twenty years. How they would go about this issue was never indicated explicitly.

After dealing with the initial information concerning their actual financial gain for a few moments, the couple was ecstatic once again. Subsequently, the Smythes clarified the details regarding their win. Such details included notable events such as how Mr. Smythe used change that he found laying around his house to buy the craved lottery ticket that was priced at one dollar. Ms. Smyhte claimed that she intended to use this money to buy herself a Snickers bar. Mr. Smythe also went as far as to explain how he decided which numbers to pick in order to have luck on his side.

According to the buyer of the ticket, he chose the numbers 3, 4, 33, 43, 44 and 45 for “ scientific and paranormal reasons.” Supposedly, the first two numbers referred to the age he had when his mother and father left him, and the next three related to either the number of beers he had drank in the past week, the number of beers he would drink if he won or the specific number of jobs he had had in his life. Finally, the last number he chose at random. Mr. Smythe concluded by describing the entire situation as a “great coincidence” that had come about because of the [tortured] logic he himself used when picking the stated numbers.
However, the most peculiar aspect of the press conference was that of observing the springy personality of both winners. Throughout the press conference they spoke calmly and were surprisingly nonchalant about the situation. They went as far as to claim that they only thought that the money would merely last “a couple of years.”

When asked about how they would invest their new money, Ms. Smyhte replied by saying that they would buy a Laundromat. Mr. Smythe added that they would also “ invest ten bucks a week into the lotto” as it had been kind to them. One thing is for sure though, their money will remain with them and with them only. This was made evident when Ms. Smythe asked the reporters “Who needs banks?”

Their plans for the future include giving into their lifelong desires such as buying a “kitty condo” and upgrading from their current residence, a regular trailer, to a doublewide trailer. Nevertheless, the Smythes have their priorities in order as Ms. Smythe has decided that her first purchase as a rich woman will include jewelry. Immediately after being questioned as to what the couple would do with their lottery money, Ms. Smythe stepped in before her husband could respond by saying “diamonds, I ain’t got no diamonds.”

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