Local Couple Wins Lottery

July 13, 2007
Dan Darwish

An $8.75 million lottery was won Thursday when Jon Smythe discovered from his Santee residence that he had the winning ticket. He and his wife, Jodi Smythe, gave a press conference Friday once the winning ticket was certified and the winners established.
The pandemonium began Wednesday when Jon bought a measly $1 ticket from the 7-Eleven store off Highway 52 in the Santee area. Although Jon had been laid off of work more than 43 times, he found a way to buy the ticket.

“We were getting accustomed to being jobless,” Jon said in retrospect. “I’ve become accustomed to the street.” “Yes he has,” Jodi added. “Damn straight.”

In regular life, the caring couples are actually colorful characters. Jodi had had a resolute plan to spend the money on a candy bar, and Jon had had an entire routine in the selection process for his six numbers. With such subjects as the number of beers he had drunk last week or the years his father and mother left him, Jon fortuitously planned number choices before purchasing the ticket. Still though, both Jon and Jodi attribute their success to religiously.

“We, we believe in the good Lord,” said Jodi assiduously. “We put it in the good Lord’s hands—“Jodi said. “And look what happened, finished Jon.

Considering his many jobs and experiences, Jon was grateful for the substantial amount of money he will receive. Although he disagrees to “donating $3.75 million to Uncle Sam,” Jon is still appreciative for being given the opportunity to overlook his belated job at Qualcomm, and he plans using his remaining money to start a business. But perhaps the curse of the lottery will live on in this couple. Perhaps the money won’t help, or perhaps it will.

“I want some diamonds, and a pet condo for my dog, a TV in every room,” said Jode in deliberation. “Friends? Well, what friends? We could buy our friends now. Damn straight.”

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