Libertarian Vitrelli running for San Diego Mayor

July 15th 2008
Hailey Paquette

The Libertarian party’s Pete Vitrelli announced that he will be running for mayor of San Diego this November at a press conference on Monday at UCSD. He has previously served on city council for 5 years and has worked as a district attorney.

If elected, he pledges to “return money to the people” by lowering taxes and fostering private enterprise.

Vitrelli believes that lowering taxes will increase business growth and solidify San Digo as a business community. Vitrelli also belives that privatizing services, such as water supply and road building, would allow them to be run more efficently and would bolster the economy more than if they continued to be run by the government.

He would also support the expansion of charter schools and the opening of toll roads. However, he would not support the privitization of police and fire departments, which he belives are necessarily run by the governement.

The Libertarian party has a long-standing motto of “smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom” and protection of indivudual rights. Now the third largest party in the country, it is known for being strongly pro-choice, pro gay marriage, and tough on border security.

Pete has shown dedication to his party during his five years on the city council. During the time he served, Vitrelli said he cracked down on illegal immigrants and gangs in the San Diego area. He will continue to support his party’s ideals of small government and promoting private business if elected.

His opponent, Toni Maria Anaya, is the candidate for the Democratic Party. According to him, her way of solving a problem is to “Throw money at it.”

For both candidates, solving the problem of the city’s education budget is a big platform. Both candidates support a reform of San Diego’s water conservation plan as well as a corrupt city hall.

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