Libertarian Candidate Runs for San Diego Mayor

July 14th, 2008
Melissa Frank
Vitrelli, Libertarian, Runs for San Diego Mayor

Citizens of San Diego will have the opportunity to vote for a new mayor on November 2nd, 2008. Currently, Pete Vitrelli, former San Diego city council member and district attorney, is running for office as a libertarian candidate against democrat Tonia Maria Anaya. The winner will take office on January 1st, 2009. This will mark the end of the current mayor, Steve Francis’, term.

Vitrelli added, “The libertarian motto is to advocate small government at every turn.”

Vitrelli says that if elected, he will return money to the people, increase the business and tourist attraction of San Diego, and decrease public services. He stated that too many public services make people rely on the government too heavily, which is against his libertarian position. The local public, Vitrelli added, should be in charge of themselves. Because the government would have little involvement in business affairs, Vitrelli spoke about his goals to privatize many city services, such as water.

Advocating a free market solution to San Diego’s economic problems, Vitrelli’s first course of action, if elected mayor of San Diego, would be to lower business and hotel taxes. Doing this would promote both the San Diego tourism and business industries.

Additionally, at a national level, Vitrelli does not support social security, stating that it is an unnecessary tax for the people. In his view, people should find the best fiscal solutions for themselves. Poor people should not be taken care of because individuals should be more self sufficient, Vitrelli added.

Vitrelli is endorsed by the Sierra Club, an environmental organization. Also, Vitrelli noted his five year involvement on the San Diego city counciland his job as district attorney.

For education, Vitrelli advocates private or charter schools, and even home schooling. Along with his wife Sandra, Pete Vitrelli plans to home school his twin infants. Vitrelli feels that with less money from taxes being spent on schooling, San Diego can focus on other goals, such as San Diego business and industry.

The Libertarian Party promotes people to be free and independent to reach their full potential. The only role the government plays in a libertarian society is to defend people against fraud and force. Vitrelli promotes these principles in his plan for San Diego. His agenda includes creating a smaller government, decreasing taxes and education spending, and increasing community pride with individual rights.

Vitrelli’s opinions will be put to the test in November. However, he feels that people will vote based on experience, character, and ideas. With a libertarian government at the forefront, Vitrelli promotes a more affordable free market economy, and less governmental involvement.

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