Kennedy Vermilion

Fun Facts:

Nickname: KJ

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.

School: Dobson High School Mustangs

Favorite Things: Anything carbs or salty, Maroon 5, Sugarland, green, giraffes, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Crank, Burned

About Kennedy:

I'm Kennedy Vermilion and I attend Dobson High School in Mesa, Ariz. I have moved 17 times in my entire life but have never left the valley. My family is somewhat confusing: I have two three-year-old siblings, but they aren't twins. In my free time, I enjoy horseback riding and love to play volleyball. as a left-side hitter. I run track also. I really don't believe the stars have control but I love reading horoscopes anyway, for some reason. My iPod has every Maroon 5 song ever recorded in the studio—acoustic or live. I love spending time with my family more than anything. They mean the world to me.

Hometown Newspaper:
East Valley Tribune

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