Jessica Simpson

July 23, 2007
LeVincent Truong

Jessica Simpson, Hollywood’s multi-platinum diva, died of internal bleeding on Thursday in her home in Calabasas. She was 27 and was recording her 5th album.

Simpson was an established pop artist and model who ranked first on Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest Women. Her third album, In This Skin (2003) was given the Double Platinum, marking the pinnacle of her singing career.

She was also an upcoming actor with her voluptuous role in Dukes of Hazard and Employee of the Month. She loved romantic movies and comedies.

She was active Christian in her local church. She sang for her church’s choir where her father Rev. Joe Simpson supported her.

“God was an important person in her life,” said Joe. “ She always prayed for whatever she did, like school and especially being a good singer.”

“ Jess,” friends and family would call her, was always striving to get her foot into the music industry. As a child, Simpson would sing on stage at barbeques, local events, and at state fairs all over Texas.

“ I remember when we took Jess to charity events and anything local with barbeque and stuff, we would make her go on stage and sing the national anthem or something,” said her mother Tina Simpson. “ She loved it.”

Simpson was highly praised by people around for her powerful voice and loving songs. She recorded Irresistable in 2001, which was given the Platinum title. President George W. Bush invited her to sing the national anthem in his inauguration the same year.

She faced difficulties in her youth that deferred her from becoming an artist. She was dropped from a contract private recording company at 14 because “insufficient funds”. Colleagues at school accused Simpson for having breast implants. High school girls bombarded her with hate messages. She went through mild depression and dropped out of JJ Pierce High School her junior year.

Three years after being dropped from the first record company, Simpson made another attempt at the music industry. She auditioned at Sony’s Columbia Records.

“ Jessica and I flew to LA to meet Tommy at Columbia Records,” said Tina.
“Jess sang Pure Hearts, and she was shaking and crying in the elevator when we came back the next day cause she was nervous, but he signed her.”

Simpson was idolized and stood as a positive role model to young girls when she chose celibacy until marriage. Ex-husband Nick Lachey and Simpson first met during his boy band tour 98 Degrees in 1999. After four years of marriage, both parted ways last year.

She and her ex-husband Nick Lachey starred in their celebrity-reality show “Newly Weds”. She played a less witty character and scored high ratings for MTV in 2003. “Her IQ is 160, which is in the ‘genius’ category,” said Tina.

Simpson stepped into entrepreneurship when she launched her shoe collection in Las Vegas. She also introduced her line of makeup and clothing named after her. She was near the completion of her 5th album self-titled Jessica.

She is survived by her father Joe Simpson; mother Tina Simpson; sister Ashlee Simpson; and ex-husband Nick Lachey.
Funeral services for Simpson will be at 11am Sunday at Casa Blanca Methodist Church, Texas.

“She might not be around anymore, we wish she was,” said Ashlee. “ But her music gives life to the memory of her.”

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