Jean-Yvette Gautier’s Alleged Shoplifting Attempt

July 16, 2008
Brittany Armellino

Jean-Yvette Gautier, who is accused of attempting to shoplift at the store Roupa Rosa in La Jolla, Calif. on July 12, 2008, met with the shop owner at a press conference today at UCSD. Also in attendance was the lieutenant who filed the report, Jennifer Casey. Gautier was in La Jolla, Calif. shooting her newest film, ironically titled, “The Convict”. If convicted of the offense, shoplifting-grand larceny, Gautier could spend up to one year in prison. This would be Jean-Yvette’s first offense.

Despite conflicting stories, some specifics are known. The items in Gautier’s purse were worth $3,000 and included: one scarf, one dress, two bracelets, and one pair of shoes. It is confirmed that Gautier arrived at the store around 5:45 p.m. She then asked Sandra Maria Almeida, the store owner, to lock the door so she could avoid stalking fans. Almeida agreed. Casey arrived on the scene after 6:00 p.m. to discover Almeida and Gautier fighting over Gautier’s purse. There were no witnesses or video cameras. Casey stated, “It’s one persons word against another.”

Both stories begin with Almeida retrieving a pair of shoes for Gautier, but then differ drastically. When Almeida returned from getting the shoes, she insists, “I saw her heading toward the exit with one of my gorgeous scarves hanging out of her purse.” In opposition, Gautier claims Almeida was bothering her so she attempted to leave. When she checked to see if the door was locked, Almeida placed the items into her purse. She claims Almeida set her up in order to gain publicity for her store. Gautier even remarks, “She’s an opportunist”. Now, it is up to the court of San Diego to determine the famous actress’s future.

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