Jean-Yvette Gautier Accused of Shoplifting

July 16, 2008
Danielle Parker

Actress Jean-Yvette Gautier was accused of shoplifting from Roupa Rosa by owner Sandra Almeida in La Jolla, Calif. Saturday. Gautier allegedly tried to steal a dress, a scarf, two bracelets, and shoes valuing $3000.

Lieutenant Jennifer Casey was first on the scene and said she saw the two women struggling over a large purse. The officer was then let into the store by Almeida and took statements from both parties. “There was no conclusive evidence,” reported Lt. Casey. The officer did not make an arrest, but Almeida did press grand larceny charges, which could land Gautier a one-year jail sentence.

Gautier denies trying to steal anything and claims that Almeida framed her. Gautier said she was concerned about overzealous fans and asked Almeida to lock the door. Almeida said that she had done this for other stars before.

Gautier then said she asked Almeida to get her a pair of shoes, because “she was annoying me.” Once the shopkeeper was gone, the actress tried to leave, forgetting her purse behind. Gautier claimed that this was when Almeida stuffed the items into her purse.

Almeida renounces this accusation. According to Almeida, she came back from getting the actress’ shoes and saw Gautier walking towards the door with a pink scarf trailing out of her bag. Almeida then grabbed the bag and saw the rest of the items inside of it. She then claimed to have called the police.

As for proving their side of the story, they had this to say:

“My father has a lot of money and a lot of power,” said Gautier, ”but I don’t need it because I’m innocent.”

“Well, she’s guilty,” said Almeida.

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