Jackpot Jon & Jodi

July 13, 2007
Salina Villegas

Jon and Jodi Smythe won 8.75 million dollars in the California state lottery on Thursday. The Santee man purchased the ticket in a 7-Eleven off highway 52 on Wednesday after being fired from his job at Qualcomm.

Jobless Jon Smythe, 37, purchased the one-dollar winning super-lotto ticket at a nearby 7-Eleven Wednesday. “I didn’t even know we had a ticket,” expressed twenty-eight year old wife Jodi Smythe, “…the lord done blessed us”. Because of his unemployment, Smythe anticipated earning more bang for his buck. In alternative to buying his wife the snickers bar she wanted, he instead took his chances with the one-dollar super-lotto ticket. After taxes, the couple expects to receive 5 million dollars. Now able to prosper in his riches, Smythe’s ineffective economic life has come to an end.

In total, Smythe had forty-four jobs. He was recently laid off, for the thirty-sixth time, as a maintenance engineerer at Qualcomm. At the age of three, Smythe claims his mother left him. One year later, Smythe’s father did the same. Currently living in a Santee trailer park, Smythe and his wife do not want much of a drastic change, but instead an upgrade. After taxes, the couple expects to receive 5 million dollars.

With their money, the couple plans to buy a new doublewide trailer. Included in their spanking-new home, the couple wants a television in every room. Wife Jodi will not hesitate to buy diamonds, as well as a pet condo for their cats. The couple also proposes to invest in a laundry mat.

When asked what the couple will contribute to the community, the answer included a donation to the American Red Cross.

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