Jack Nicholson Dies Of Stroke

July 20, 2007
By Braulio Ramirez

Jack Nicholson, one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood, famous for films such as The Shining and The Departed, died of a stroke Thursday evening in Los Angeles. He was 70.

The actor’s daughter, Lorraine Nicholson, found his body sprawled on the floor of his bedroom in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Moviegoers across the globe loved Nicholson. His talent shined, whether he played a mental-patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a misanthropic author in As Good As It Gets, or a mafia-boss in The Departed. Audiences hailed his portrayals of neurotic characters to which he added a comical spin. His movies almost always became international smash hits.
His representation of the Joker turned 1989’s Batman into box-office success.

“I was particularly proud of my performance as the Joker,” he said. “I considered it a piece of pop art.”

Nicholson was the most Academy-Award nominated male actor in history, with twelve nominations and three wins. He earned his first Oscar nomination for Easy Rider in 1969. He went on to star in high-profile films such as Five Easy Pieces in 1970, The Last Detail in 1973, and Chinatown in 1974—all Oscar-nominated roles. He earned his first Oscar for his portrayal of Randle P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

His career flourished effortlessly afterward. He landed a part in Warren Beatty’s Reds, and garnered a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 1983’s Terms of Endearment.

Nicholson loved to party. He was notorious for his inability to “settle down,” holding a place in Maxim’s “Top Ten Living Legends of Sex.” He did have an on again-off again relationship with actress Angelica Huston.

As much as for acting, Nicholson was famous for wearing sunglasses.

“With my sunglasses I’m Jack Nicholson,” the actor said. “Without them, I’m fat and seventy.”
Nicholson was always up for more friends and fun.

“My motto is: more good times,” the actor said.

Nicholson avidly followed the LA Lakers. He always booked courtside seats. This allowed him to stick up for his team, at times arguing with game officials and opposing players. His adamant refusals to miss any Lakers home game meant that studios had to schedule filming around the team’s home schedule.

Nicholson was born in Neptune, New Jersey to June Nicholson. However, he was raised believing his maternal grandparents, John Nicholson and Ethel Rhoads, were his parents and his mother was an older sister. Nicholson discovered the truth through a Time Magazine article in 1974.

Nicholson is survived by three daughters Jennifer Nicholson, Honey Hollman, and Lorraine Nicholson; two sons, Caleb Goddard and Raymond Nicholson; and one grandchild.

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