Instructions For Computer Lab
  1. Login to computer with your username and password
  2. DO NOT change your password (Click Ignore)
  3. Open AppleWorks6
    • Click on Finder → Applications → Folder: AppleWorks 6.2.9
    • Double Click to open AppleWorks6
    • Click Ok when it is open
  4. Click on word processing
  5. File→ Save as →
    • Underneath the title bar, pull the dropdown menu and click on ACS-SEQ142-20 (May be default at UCSD laptop)
    • File Format → RTF
    • Title File (e.g., Erin profile of Laurel)
    • Click on desktop and save the document directly to the desktop
  6. Format → Paragraph → Line Space 2
  7. Text → Font → Courier

If your computer locks up:

  1. At the same time, press → Apple/Option/Escape to force quit
  2. Open AppleWorks6 again
  3. Once open, click on the AppleWorks dropdown bar → Preferences → General
    • Topic → Files → Unclick auto save → Click OK
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