Inspiration from Love

Devin Weil

Draping her hair across her left shoulder while softly chewing gum, Chloe Frazier said, "My grandmother and I are pretty close. She's like my hero." Growing up in Denver, Colo., Chloe has formed a strong bond with her grandmother that drives her future endeavors in her school yearbook and as a photo journalist. Living only thirty minutes away, Chloe's grandmother offers love, encouragement and financial support whenever she needs a helping hand.

Emphasizing the influence her grandmother has had on her, Chloe said, "She's really easy to talk to." With her grandmother's encouragement, Chloe has become more persistent in following her ambitions. As a result, Chloe is determined to accomplish her dreams by being successful in school and in the hobby she loves: photography.

While pursuing her passion for photography, Chloe, an incoming junior at Cherokee Trail High School, is ecstatic about her new role in the school yearbook. Expressing her involvement in the school newspaper Chloe said, with a sparkle in her eye, "I am excited about being copy editor." Working on the yearbook the past school year, Chloe received the position of copy editor from her consistent contributions.

Although Chloe is looking forward to her position as copy editor, she has her heart set on majoring in photo journalism at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. A competitive all black girls college, Spelman is a high ranking and exclusive school. However, without financial support from her grandmother, Chloe would not have had the opportunity to attend the journalism class at the UCSD Academic Connections program.

The close-knit relationship Chloe holds with her grandmother is allowing her to reach her goals for today and tomorrow.

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