How to Tame Your Cravings

Devin Weil

Craving something sweet and crunchy at UCSD? Take a trip to the Price Center to get a taste of Panda Express. The scents coming from this gourmet chinese fast food quickly grab your attention. While in line, you can assess the eclectic selections: sweet and sour pork, broccoli beef, mushroom chicken, kung pao chicken and orange chicken. Though, I suggest you not take more than what your stomach can handle.

Great Deals and Choices

In addition to the slew of appealing items on the menu , Panda Express also has enticing deals. For under five dollars you can treat yourself to the two entree plate. This is a very popular choice at Panda. With this meal plan you can choose two entrees and a side such as steamed rice, chow mein or mixed vegetables.
For those with a smaller appetite, the Panda bowl is a healthier choice. The Panda bowl consists of one entree and one side. As a smaller meal option, it also has more bang for your buck. If you buy the Panda bowl you save almost two dollars more than if you bought the two entree plate.

My Positive Visit at Panda Express

When I visited Panda Express at UCSD I enjoyed the Panda bowl option. I filled my chinese food craving by selecting the orange chicken and steamed rice. Taking a bite out of the orange chicken, I experienced the flavors of chinese gourmet food. I enjoyed both the sweet and crunchy aspects of the chicken. Alongside the chicken, I cleansed my palate with steamed rice. With each bite I tasted, I unraveled the sweet and spicy flavors absorbed in the chicken. After I had finished my food at Panda Express, the flavors lingered in my mouth longer than I had wished.

After the Food Had Settled

Only moments later I was running to the bathroom hunched over with stomach pains. The great flavors of Panda Express did not last for long.


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