Gautier Main Character Of $3,000 Theft Rumor

July 16, 2008
Chloe` Frazier

Jean-Yvette Gautier was accused of shopping lifting a dress, two bracelets, a scarf and a pair of shoes, from Roupa Rosa, a shop in La Jolla, Calif., on July 12, 2008, at 5:45 pm. Not wanting to be bothered by fans Ms. Gautier asked store owner, Sandra Almeida to lock the shop doors. As it was so close to closing time, Ms. Almeida obliged. After Ms. Gautier started shopping she allegedly sent Ms. Almeida away to get her some shoes. “She was annoying me,” claimed Gautier. This is when Almieda claims that Gautier committed the crime.


Ms. Gautier claims she to set her purse down to freshen up. After freshening up, she went to see if she could unlock the door to leave, leaving her purse on the floor. However when Ms. Almeida returned she claimed she saw Ms. Gautier at the door with a pink scarf hanging from her bag.

At 6:15, Lt. Jennifer Casey arrived at the scene of the alleged crime. “When I arrived the two were fighting over the bag, upside down, each holding a handle,” claimed Lt. Casey. “I had to bang on the door to get their attention.”

Gautier’s side of the story takes a different path than Almeida’s. Gautier claimed Almeida put the items in her bag. “She would love the publicity for her store,” said Gautier. Almeida thinks otherwise. “My shop has never had anything like this for 12 years,” said Almeida. “It’s a shame.”

Almeida pressed the charges of grand larceny against Gautier. If found guitly in court Ms. Gautier could face up to five years in prison. With no witness at the supposed crime, this rumor ends with a cliff hanger.

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