Cross-Cultural Center on the Map

July 15, 2008
Sydney Bessler

The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) at UCSD has moved to the newly renovated Price Center and will officially open its doors on Sept. 20, 2008 at the beginning of the fall quarter.

Since 1995, the CCC has been a place many students call home. Their first location was in a former mail room, but the small, quiet and hidden location made students feel safe and comfortable to just walk in and make new friends.

After the first ten years of the program, the CCC moved to the former financial aid building for a year during the construction of the Price Center. Now that Price Center has opened, CCC has moved to the center of the entire campus.

This move brings excitement to the five member staff because the new location can be easily seen and has a bigger space to welcome more people to “come, relax, see friendly faces, pray or meditate in this immense loving force,” says CCC staff member Kevin Mann.

Bringing the same feel of the original center to the new business centric location was a challenge for the CCC staff. As you walk into CCC, the warm green color of the front desk wall is very inviting. On the wall, words and phrases like building community from the ground up; and peace, love, joy, always inspire people to come in and want to learn more about CCC. For those already familiar with the CCC, these words and phrases define why they call it home.

Although it may be a big challenge to keep the original CCC feel in the new location, the staff is excited for the amount of people they are going to reach in Price Center and are eager to spread their message of true tolerance and diversity to all of UCSD.

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