Couple Wins 8.75 Million Lottery

July 13, 2007
Rini Parekh

Jon and Jodi Smythe won the Super Lotto lottery, a sum of $8.75 million Thursday. The couple purchased the ticket Wednesday in Santee from a 7-eleven store off Highway 52. Jon Smythe, 37, a maintenance engineer who was laid off from Qualcomm the same day, purchased the ticket for $1.00. His lucky numbers were 3-4-33-43-44-45. After paying taxes, the couple will retain $5 million. “We have to give $3.75 million to Uncle Sam,” said Jon as he frowned and shrugged.

The Smythes, who live in a trailer home in Santee, intend to invest their money in a coin-operated Laundromat and a mangosteen business. Jodi is convinced that the mangosteen business will be lucrative because the fruits have a high retail value and contain many antioxidants. “It’s like a pyramid thing,” said Jodi Smythe, 28. They decided to advertise near a mud bog.

They will receive financial advice from Jon’s cousin Ricky, “the youngest cashier at Walmart”. The Smythes, however, are averse to depositing their winnings in a bank.

The couple considered using some of the winnings to purchase televisions for each room, TV guides, and pet condos for their cats. Jodi remarked that she is able to afford luxuries she did not have prior to winning the lottery. “I want some diamonds. I ain’t never had diamonds,” she said.

Mr. and Mrs. Smythe may donate a portion of their winnings to the American Red Cross. The non-profit organization previously helped the couple when their truck was destroyed in a fire caused by a discarded cigarette.

They expressed hope that their friends would not treat them differently because they won the lottery. Jodi said that if her friends treat them differently, they would not associate with them. “ We can buy our own friends now,” she added.

The Smythes will opt for some lifestyle changes. Jodi commented that the winnings allow her husband to acquire new hobbies and get out of the house more often. The couple hopes to move out of their old trailer and upgrade to a doublewide trailer. Since they do not enjoy traveling abroad, they plan to visit nearby places, namely the Lakeside Rodeo.

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