Coal Into Diamonds

July 13, 2007
RJ Yumang

Jon and Jodi Smythe won $8.75 million dollars in the California State Lottery on Thursday. On Wednesday Mr. Smythe decided to go to the 7-eleven off Highway 52 after losing his job at Qualcomm as a maintenance engineer. He bought the ticket along with some Pepsi and some Hostess cherry pies.

Thursday, during a break on the hit show “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, the couple watched the announcement of the winning numbers. At first, Mrs. Smythe thought it was absurd because she had saved the extra change he used for her snickers bar. “It was only a dollar,” Jon says, “but look where that got us, we got 8.75 million dollars now.”

When asked about what they would invest the money in, Jodi responds, “My mama, she likes TV’s, I want one in every room, when I’m sitting on the toilet, I wanna watch TV.” Of course, that’s not only what they had in mind. Jodi Smythe did not hesitate the fact that she wanted a LaundroMat and a pet condo. The couple do not plan on moving anywhere, but plan to stay in Santee. Because they live in Santee, they do plan however, to move into something a little bigger, such as a doublewide trailer. Jon Smythe. upset with the fact that they would give some of the money to Uncle Sam’s donation, was still willing to donate to the Red Cross. He was hesitant to say how much he was willing to invest in the charity, but he did say that it would be a substantial amount. “You can do a lot with a dollar”, Jon says, “The lord done blessed us”.

Jon said that he picked his number through paranormal scientific psychology. “First”, Jon says, “you pick the number 3, that was the day my mama left home.” He also went on to the numbers 4, 33, 43, 44, and 45 do to the fact that his father had left on the 4th for prison, 33 was the number of beers he had in the past week, 43 was how many beers he would have if he had won the lotto, 44 was for the number of jobs in he had, and 45 Jon says, was just to “pick a numba!”

Jon and Jodi Smythe had met at a lakeside rodeo dance and got married when Jodi was 18, and Jon 25. They had relied on their Nana ever since. Jon has gone through 44 jobs in his life and has always looked on the bright side. “There’s a lot of opportunities out here,” Jon says, “if you look for it”.

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