Charges Pressed Against Jean-Yvette Gautier

July 16, 2008
Kennedy Vermilion

Actress Jean-Yvette Gautier has been accused of shoplifting by the owner of a La Jolla, Calif. boutique, Roupa Rosa, Saturday.


A press conference was held at UCSD on Wednesday announcing the supposed theft and charges against Gautier.The boutique owner, Sandra Maria Almeida, called police on July 12, 2008 between 5:45 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. after finding a dress, a pair of shoes, a scarf and two bracelets amounting to approxmmately $3,000 in Gautier’s purse. The police arrived at the scene to find the boutique doors locked and Almeida and Gautier struggling over Gautier’s bag, Lt. Jennifer Casey reported.
“No evidence pointed to guilt or innocence,” the police report states. Almeida has pressed charges.

“I walked in the door, and she saw dollar signs,” Gautier claims. Gautier believes she was framed by Almeida for the publicity, she says. Her latest film, “The Convict,” is shooting near Roupa Rosa, and Gautier decided to window shop. Gautier did not want her fans following and requested the shop’s doors be locked. According to Gautier, she set her purse down while looking around. As Gautier was leaving, the shop owner accused her of shoplifting after seeing a pink scarf hanging from her bag. “She stuffed my bag,” Gautier claims.

After locking the boutique doors for Gautier, Almeida went to the back room to find a shoe size for the actress. Almeida left the room for a few minutes and claims she saw a pink scarf draping over Gautier’s bag when she returned. Almeida believes Gautier stuffed her purse with the items while she checked the back room of the boutique. Almeida accused Gautier of shoplifting and said she called police after the scarf and other items had been found. “I believe the court will find her guilty of these crimes,” Almeida claims.

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